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2010 Seattle Boat Show. Come aboard Bagan and hear Sprague Theobald talk about his experiences in the Northwest Passage at the 2010 Seattle Boat Show. More >


Hole in the Wall Productions has assembled a team of sailors, divers and filmmakers uniquely suited to not only take on the challenges of an Arctic expedition but to capture it on film in dramatic and compelling ways that highlight environmental and political issues surrounding the Passage.


The Newport Daily News | December 28, 2009
'Amazing' journey yielded isolation, close encounters
(Newport, RI) Sprague Theobald describes his sailing trip through the Northwest Passage with a mix of exhaustion and exhilaration.
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Motor Boating Magazine | December 2009
Mission Accomplished
After being trapped for a few terrifying days, Sprague Theobald and his crew on his Nordhavn 57 break through the ice and complete their epic journey across the Northwest Passage.
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Arctic Explorer, Boat and Crew to be Spotlight Exhibit at
2010 Seattle Boat Show
(Seattle, WA) The Seattle Boat Show, Indoors + Afloat,  ( is pleased to announce that the renowned 57-foot Nordhavn, Bagan, which took owner Sprague Theobald safely through the Northwest Passage on a five month epic journey, will be a feature exhibit at the 2010 Seattle Boat Show January 29-February 6, 2010.
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Returning to Newport w/renewed family ties
(Newport, RI) Sprague Theobald, an Emmy-award winning filmmaker, returned to his Newport, Rhode Island home this week after completing an arduous five-month, 8,500mi filmmaking expedition through the Arctic in order to capture HD footage and stories for his next documentary.
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5-month Arctic Journey Provides Filmmaker with Stunning Footage and Stories to Tell
(Seattle, WA) After a relatively smooth start to his 8,500-mile, 5-month voyage through the Arctic, filmmaker Sprague Theobald and his team were hit hard by an ice floe that trapped their boat in ice for days.
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Motor Boating Magazine | October 2009
In this exclusive account, part two in a series, Sprague Theobald enters the potentially deadly Northwest Passage on Bagan, his Nordhavn 57.
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Motor Boating Magazine | September 2009
Sprague Theobald leaves Newport, Rhode Island, for the Northwest Passage on his Nordhavn 57. The first leg: fog, more fog and, finally ice.
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Yachting Magazine | August 2009
In June, Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Sprague Theobald departed from Newport, Rhode Island, on his Nordhavn 57 Bagan bound for Seattle, Washington...via the Northwest Passage.
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Newport This Week | June 3, 2009
Sprauge Theobald's cell phone buzzes nearly constantly, but he pushes it aside as he takes a break from his work and rests in a massive black leather chair on the bridge of his 57-foot Nordhavn yacht Bagan, docked on Goat Island.
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The Newport Mercury | June 3, 2009.
North by Northwest: Sprague Theobald, 57
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Newport Daily News | June 5, 2009.
Fantastic Voyage: Risky trip through the Northwest Passage to provide material for film.
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Local Filmmaker and Crew to Cross 5,000 Miles Through the Arctic's Northwest Passage
(Newport, RI ) Local Filmmaker and Crew Cross 5,000 Miles Through the Arctic's Northwest Passage.
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